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Absorbable Surgical Sutures

Polyglycolic Acid, Polyglactic 910 Sutures, Polydioxanone Sutures, Plain Catgut Sutures and lots more...

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Non Absorbable Surgical Sutures

Polypropylene Sutures, Polyamide Nylon Sutures, Polyester Sutures, Virgin Silk Sutures and lots more...

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Cardiovascular Sutures

The Cardiovascular Sutures, includes such as Stainless Steel Sutures and lots more...

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Our Consumables includes: Disposable Drapes & Gowns, Hospital Consumables and lots more ...

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Medical Equipments

Our Medical Equipment's includes: C-Arm, Insipitation Suction Machines, Electro Mag - Diathermy Machine, and lots more...

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Spine & Orthopedic

Our pine and Orthopedic Products includes: Locking Plates, Mesh Cage, Corpectomy, PLIF Cage and lots more....

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