Orion Surgical Sutures Nigeria We are Specialized in producing sterilized Absorbable
and Non- Absorbable surgical & Micro Sutures
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Orion General Hospital Consumable We market all ranges of Medical Consumables used in the hospitals.
Our range of consumables are essential items used on a day to day basis
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Orion Medical Equipments We provide affordable and appropriate cutting-edge medical equipment solutions,
we also provide you with the installation, maintenance, and repair services.
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Orion Surgical &
Sutures Nigeria Limited
Orion Surgical and sutures limited is a top tier medical consumables and equipment company with vast experience in the procurement and distribution of high quality medical Consumables and equipment in Nigeria. Our products are sourced from internationally recognized manufacturers, very affordable and our dedicated logistics team ensures a seamless delivery of products on time.
You will love any of our Products, because they are the best
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Polyglycolic Acid Suture
Polypropylene Suture
UltraGard Surgical Gown
Stainless Steel Suture
Medical Equipments
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We have established business relationship and currently supply our products to major hospitals in Nigeria such as FMC Keff, Nassarawa: General Hospital Nyanya, Gwagwalada Teaching Hospital, Abuja; St. Nicholas Hospital Lagos; St Luke Hospital Asaba,OAUTH Ife and much more.
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General Hospitals
We Supply our Products to all General Hospital in Nigeria, which includes: Nyanya, Gwagwalada Teaching Hospital, Abuja; St. Nicholas Hospital Lagos; St Luke Hospital Asaba,OAUTH Ife; Pison Hospital Kubwa, etc
Private Hospitals & Clinics
We Supply and Deliver any of our Products to any Private Hospitals Nationwide, Most of the hospitals prefer Orion Sutures as they reduces the cost of healthcare to the patients through the means of most affordable & ideal pricing strategy.
Pharmaceutical retail stores
We Supply vast majority of Pharmaceutical Retail Stores and major medical consumable distributors nationwide. Our Distribution Network is very broad as the demand for our Sutures is very high nowadays, due to the durable high quality.
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