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About Us

About Orion Sutures

Orion Surgical and Sutures Nigeria Ltd is an Exporter and Supplier of Surgical Sutures, medical consumables and Medical equipments– Absorbable Surgical Suture, Non-Absorbable Surgical Sutures, Hernia Mesh and Bone Wax, Surgical gowns supplying within Nigeria. Our Products and partners manufacturing Companies are recognized Globally for best product Quality, Committed Delivery and it has always been the Choice of medical and health organization Nation wide Our Products have always been a user choice as We have Bulk Supply Capacity around and still increasing due to demand from our regular clients. We deliver our products with the right kind of packaging and at the same time ensuring that we provide at competitive prices for both Hospital Supply and Special Pricing for Tenders.



Owing to a strict Quality control, Orion Surgical and Sutures Limited has become one of the most recognized distributor of Medical Equipments and Consumables In Nigeria.

Our Team

We are with a team of young individuals equipped with professionalism, Integrity and are wonderful problem solvers. Orion Surgical and Sutures Limited has a dynamic workforce that we like to refer to as our strength. This is in line with our mission and to recruit, retain and reward a high-performance workforce. This workforce is managed and controlled by a group of highly competent management team with experience in the Medical sector and its supplies chain, giving our company an edge over others in terms of productivity and service delivery to our shareholders and clients respectively. We have a qualified system for accessing key skills and experience to ensure that our staff and consultants have a significant and relevant experience relative to the job they are assigned.

Product Range

Orion surgical Sutures limited Ltd is a well-known brand in national & international medical devices. We have gained preferable position in the market due to our high quality pharma products mentioned below:

Absorbable Surgical Suture

  1. Polyglycolic Acid Suture  ORYL® / ORICRYL®
  2. Polyglactin910 Suture  ORYL910® / ORICRYL®
  3. Poliglecaprone25 Suture  ORYL MONO®/ ORICRYL MONO®
  4. Polydioxanone Monofilament Suture  ORYL PD MONO®/ ORICRYL PDS®
  5. Chromic Catgut Suture  - ORICHROME®
  6. Plain Catgut Suture  ORIGUT®

Non Absorbable Surgical Suture

  1. Polypropylene Suture
  2. Black Braided Silk Suture
  3. Virgin Silk Suture
  4. Polyester Suture
  5. Polyamide/ Nylon Sutures
  6. Stainless Steel Suture

Polypropylene Mesh

1. Polypropylene Mesh SYNTHALIN MESH® / ORILENE MESH®

Bone Wax

1. Bone Wax ORIWAX®

Medical Consumables

  1. Disposable syringe
  2. Surgical Gloves
  3. Nitrile Gloves
  4. Disposable Surgical gown
  5. Gauze Roll
  6. First aid kits
  7. Bandage
  8. Cotton padding
  9. Maternity Pack
  10. General Surgery Pack
  11. Drapes


Why Us?

Having spent over a decade in our domain, we have become a powerful entity. The following segment includes the attributes that help us in attaining a satisfied client base.

  1. State-of-the-art infrastructure
  2. Use of advanced technology
  3. Excellent professionals
  4. Quality assured products
  5. Prompt delivery
  6. Client satisfaction